Columbia CPA Group

At Columbia CPA Group we deliver accurate and timely consulting, tax and accounting services, by adhering to Biblical principles to help clients achieve financial and lifestyle dreams.  We are successful and competitive through the utilization of cutting-edge technology in the delivery of client-centered services and pro-active advice while minimizing our impact on the environment.


OUR Mission Statement

We are passionate about helping people reduce their tax burden.  The average American assumes that his local tax professional, who prepares his annual tax return, is also making sure he isn’t paying more taxes than absolutely necessary.  The unfortunate truth is that service professionals only do what you pay them to do.  For example, if you hire a plumber to install your new garbage disposer, and you also have a leaky faucet in the bathroom, the plumber will install the disposer and leave.  Your bathroom faucet will still leak, even though the plumber was just at your home.

When it comes to taxes it gets more complicated since most people don’t know that they have a “leaking faucet.”

OUR Mission Statement